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by M Tandoh | 5:34 pm


5 Useful Features That You Should Know About Smart Blind stick



According to the WHO (World Health Organization), there are around 250 million people who suffer from blindness in the world and around 20% of people use a white cane to move around. Every day new technologies are introduced to help in every aspect of life. Similarly, smart stick technology is made for people with blindness. The smart blind stick is not just an ordinary walking stick. This stick helps a blind person to walk easily.

If the blind stick identifies an obstacle, it makes a sound or vibrates to alert the blind person using it. The idea of the smart blind stick is to help people with blindness carry out their day to day tasks without the help of others.

The white cane is still one of the most common tools that people with blindness use to walk. Imagine how valuable a smart blind stick would be if it could communicate with the user about the environment. The smart stick translates images into sounds that improve navigation for blind people, it also increases safety and mobility.

Many inventors in the UK, Turkey, Pakistan, France, and India are working on smart blind stick technology to make it more helpful for blind people.

Useful Features about Smart Blind Stick for People with Blindness

There are a few important useful features about the smart blind stick that are very useful for blind people.

Easy to Use

The smart blind stick is very easy to use, it can be attached to the white cane. It has a soft touch grip, a wrist strap hole, a touch pad, and a front LED. The blind stick help cover blindness by giving the confidence to the blind people to walk on their own. It doesn’t require many integrations to use the stick. Simply attach it with the white stick and turn it on. It is very easy to understand.

Obstacle Detector

The Blind stick uses an ultrasonic sensor to detect the obstacle on the ground and alert the user. It not only alerts about the obstacle but also indicates about the dig. This helps them to walk easily without any fear of hitting something. It not only detects everything on the ground, but it detects anything above the chest level using the ultrasonic sensor.

Vibration and Sound Alert

The stick has a vibrator and a speaker installed in it to give alerts. If any obstacle comes on the way, it gives vibrating alerts as well as a sound alert. These alerts make it very easy for the people in blindness to walk with freedom. It automatically detects anything ahead and gives sound and vibrating alert.

Smartphone Connectivity

The smart blind stick can be easily connected with android and ios based smartphones. Connecting the smartphone enables the GPS feature which helps the blind person navigate the route with voice recognition. GPS and voice-enabled stick can tell the person what’s around them. With the help of the sticks touch pad, the user can enter their destination into Google Maps and get directions with voice assistance before leaving home.

Blind Stick Finder

One of the inventors has also integrated a frequency modulation wireless communication system to help the blind person to find the smart stick if it is away from him. With the help of a remote, it generates a signal and the stick alert the user with the sound alert and by following the sound the user can get to its stick.

Final Word

With so many technologies in the world, the smart blind stick is one of the very useful technology for the person with blindness. It is light in the dark, and it can also be said that is an eye on the way for a blind person. The smart stick gives the freedom and confidence to anywhere without anyone’s assistance. It also acts as an antidepressant for the blind person in depression.




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