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by M Tandoh | 10:01 pm

Sign language is one of the biggest modes used to communicate among the hearing loss community.

Sign language comprises hand gestures, hand shaping and also the facial expressions and lip patterning for the demonstration of what you want to say.

Sign language is widely in use in the hearing loss communities. In fact, the people who have a problem in hearing are taught sign language since they gain consciousness to communicate with their family and friends. But who said this beautiful language is confined to the special people only??

You can also learn this magnificent language!

To begin with, let us have a look at the types of sign languages.

Types of sign language

First things first, you have to understand what type of sign language will match your needs. And this is mostly decided by where you live and which language is spoken among the locals in your country.

Depending on the type of sign language, hand signs vary. They are different in different sign languages, for example, hand signs in American Sign Language and British Sign language vary from each other.

Sign language is majorly divided into three basic types

– Deaf sign language:

Deaf sign language is practiced in the hearing loss community all around the globe. A part of it is also included in Village Sign Language, in the hearing community and the deaf community sign languages.

– Auxiliary sign language

Auxiliary sign language is basically signs systems practiced alongside oral and spoken language

– Village sign language

Village sign language bridges sign and spoken languages. It is basically the signed version of spoken languages.

How to learn the sign language

Now that you know the types, let us get to know the ways through which you can learn sign language quickly!

-Attend a sign language class

If you want to learn sign languages and are looking for the best methods in this regard. Trust me, this would be the best option to go for among all. Sign language classes are offered by hearing loss community teaching centers or institutes that offer short courses of all types. Classes are the best way to meet new people and also learn something face-to-face. Enroll yourself today and join a sign language class.

– Learn sign language online

If, Attending a sign language class not possible for you. There are plenty of videos available on the internet. You can watch YouTube or BSL Zone for online sign language videos. The good part about learning it through online videos is you can replay as many times you want and learn it in the comfort of your home.

– Be a part of a sign language group or visit a deaf café

Some cities have deaf cafes and deaf groups. You can actively join these groups or add visiting a deaf café to your routine and learn sign language from the people you meet. You will get to meet new people this way, make new friends and get an opportunity to polish your skills. All you need to do is to contact the nearby deaf charity center and seek all the necessary information

– Enroll for an online course

Another good option for learning Sign Language would be to take an online course. Many deaf organizations or deaf schools offer online courses as well. You need to find the best suitable course for you, enroll yourself and start learning. Flexibility is the best thing about can take your lecture whensoever it is feasible for you from the comfort of your couch.

– Hire a private professional sign language tutor

Hiring an experienced, well-experienced, private sign language tutor is an option liked by many. You will learn to better and quicker this way because you will be given all the attention individually. If you are someone who finds large class environments disturbing, go for this option.

– Read books or watch videos on Amazon

Last but not the least, if none of the aforementioned options clicked you, this one for sure will. Read a book! Yes, you read it rights.No one can deny the benefits of learning from a book. Find yourself a sign language dictionary or the best books on sign language on amazon. Amazon presents a huge variety of books on the sign language, and they are categorized as the best-sellers, most gifted, most wished for and recommended to make it easy for you. You can spend some time on amazon hunting for the book that best suits your needs. But a shortcoming with this method is, you cannot get the correct idea about the hand movements, facial expressions, and lip patterns. Alternatively, you can opt for learning it all through the best available videos on sign language on. There is a long list to choose from which will help you a great deal.


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