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by M Tandoh | 9:36 pm

“Hearing Impairment prevention for a Better Life”

“Hearing impairment is a silent enemy!”

Let us just assume that you avoid loud noises. Even then, you can slowly face hearing impairment due to a lot of factors that you did not see coming such as, age, infections etc. So it is very important for you to know about these problems so that you are prepared to react and overcome these.

“There are a lot of factors you need to be aware of, other than concert music!”

Otitis Externa:

Also, known as outer ear infection. It is a bacterial infection caused due to infected water. Might cause pain or discomfort, itching and slowly leads to impairment of hearing. It is necessary to consult an ENT specialist.

Wax blockade:

Your ear canal might be blocked due to overproduction of wax. It can result in severe reduction of hearing. Do not clean ear with cotton buds as they will push the wax further into your ear canal. The Best way is to use specially designed vacuum or consulting general practitioners.

Otitis Media:

This is a viral or bacterial inflammation. It is very painful and is transmitted through Eustachian tubes. Causes hearing impairment. On a lighter note, it can be cured by medication. Consult your GP or ENT doctor.

Perforated Ear Drum:

Perforated ear drum can be caused by foreign bodies, infection, a loud bang or even a blow in the ear. Causes hearing impairment. Often, it heals itself. But it is very important to keep the ear dry. If it does not, a surgery can heal it.


Causes ossification,which is an abnormal growth and shapes of the middle ear. Slowly develops hearing impairment. Also, ringing in hearing can be seen as a side effect. Sadly, it is not possible to heal otosclerosis with medication. Surgery can sometimes reduce hearing loss. However, the state can be greatly ameliorated with hearing aid.

Hearing loss due to age:

Also, known as Presbyacusis. Usually begins after 55 years. Affects both ear and higher ranges. This worsens with noise exposure. Although treatment with medication is not possible, properly fitted hearing aids can solve the problem.

Blast trauma:

Occurs when exposed to a very loud noise even for a brief amount of time. Results in blockade of ear, loss of hearing or ringing. Usually improves slowly, however, there can be lasting damage. Hearing aids can greatly reduce the negative effects.

“What else can you maintain?”

Other than these, one can keep his/ her ears safe following some steps!

1. Try to avoid too much noise. Excessive use of earbuds or headphones are always detrimental. Any other noise like, sound of drill machine, concert music is also harmful.

2. Wearing hearing protection can help one a lot. One can use earplugs or earmuffs that can reduce noise up to 15 to 30 decibels. These can reduce the noise from environment that is unavoidable.

3. From research, it is seen that smoking can also result in lose of hearing. So if you are facing hearing impairment, it is high time for you to drop that cigarette.

4. Make sure you visit a doctor once a while. While this might sound clichéd, it is necessary. Visiting a doctor can help you realize whether you have a problem or not and early intervention is made possible.



What a wonderful article. We take for granted our senses. I have often thought about which would be worse, losing sight or hearing. Either one would be devastating. Thank you for this information.

Jan 31.2020 | 12:54 am

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