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by M Tandoh | 3:37 pm

IRIVER BLANK   Automatic Hearing Electronic Cochlear

And Aid Dryer

IRIVER BLANK is nothing but a miraculous technology recently introduces to aid hygienic hearing. It does not only help you in better hearing experience, but you can also maintain your

hygiene with the help of supporting supplies. Just put the hearing aid into the box provided by

the company and push its blue button to go. This action will get your device get completely

disinfected and dried due to UV-C and heat just in 30 to 90 minutes. UV-C rays help to destroy

up to 99% bacteria and viruses that reduce infections and itchiness dramatically in ear canal.

Moreover this hearing aid is also favorable to customize ear and molds protection.

However do not get confused with this device as it is not a hearing device; it is an electronic

dryer for cleaning the hearing aids.

What specification does it possess?

● It is a unique drying and sterilization aid box for hearing aid.


● With a UV-C lamp of 360 degrees.

● Lowest consumption of energy.

● Ergonomics is optimized.

● High sturdiness and quality level.

● Touch switch for operating cycles.

● Curved sensor with a touch button.

● One-touch mechanism to begin the cycle.

● UK plug enclosed in each package.

● Compact design and case.

● Powers supply is USB based.

● For long-time life for hearing aids 5v voltage USB is provided with the device.

● More safe in use.

● Abs shell

● Heating dehumidification for resistance.

● Two dimensions: External and internal dimension.

● External dimension: 92 X 48 X 75 (mm).

● Internal dimension: 70 X 21 X 51 (mm).

● 160 grams in weight.

● 100-247v and 50-60HZ of input.

Microprocessor control

● Optimum control of temperature.

● Steering system for disinfection.

● Safety management.

UV-C lamp of 360°

⮚ 253.7 nm of Shortwave disinfection

⮚ 360° (2 Watts) Peripheral light.

⮚ Certified laboratory tests have proven that it eliminates more than 99% bacteria and fungi.

⮚ Nano coating with varnishes.

⮚ Confirmation test for zero damages on surfaces of hearing aids.


⮚ It has USB power for safer use.

⮚ USB power offers more convenient and safer to use.

⮚ Phone adapter, desktop computer, and strips of USB power can also be used to charge this


How does it work?

● Put the hearing aid in this box.

● Press the blue button.

● Blue color indicator to show the box is working.

● The drying cycle will get a start then.

● Drying cycle is done in two stages that is standard and deep.

● For standard stage, it takes 30 minutes for drying.

● Then 90 minutes in the deep drying stage in the drying cycle.

● Cycle will run only if the lid is closed.

● Sensor detection works on opening the lid.

● On completing the cycle, it automatically turns the indicator off.

● And killed microorganisms about 99%.

● With a regulated temperature between 104°F-113°F.


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