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by M Tandoh | 7:35 pm

Things That You Shouldn’t Say/Do to a Deaf Friend

‘’Think before you Speak’’, It is the most common proverb. No matter what, but people think that if they are saying true things to people, they are dauntless. It is no true because you must say a thing at the proper time. Sometimes people say things without thinking and they hurt others. Disability is the worst thing and no doubt it is from God. A friend with a hearing disability deserves your kindness. I have witnessed many people make fun of their friends and it is very bad. Here are things that you shouldn’t say to a dear friend.

Things to Avoid: –

  • Don’t refuse to tell them anything when they inquire: –

Good manners are essential for a successful social life. You should have the sense to deal with people. If you are in a gathering with your friends, you should know how to behave? Imagine if your friends are discussing something and you ask them what is the matter? Suppose they say “Nothing”. You feel bad for yourself and begin to think that you are not important to them. Well, your deaf friends already face their disability and this thing makes them feel depressed. Hence, if they ask you something, try to explain to them every point.

  • Don’t tell them to use hearing aids: –

Get your heart bigger and try to accept your friend’s disability. Friends are the blessing of God. If you don’t value them, they perish away from you. In the end, you have regrets with you. People behave badly with disable people and make fun of them. If you have hearing disable friends, you must become their support. Don’t tell them to use the hearing aids. Not everyone wants to put on hearing aids. Hence, please do not hurt them.

  • Don’t speak too loud with them: –

You should speak gently and slowly with them. Suppose you are talking loudly with your parents, it looks bad. The same is the case with a deaf friend. Think about it and make them understand your level as you do with your normal friends. The therapist of deaf people makes them study the speech at a normal pace. Hence, if you will speak loudly or fast, it will make them uncomfortable. They have to practice to get it right.

  • Don’t exclude them from your plans: –

The deaf friend needs your courage and support. They require more care than normal persons and you should consider this point. Think about them while making plans. Engage them with you in every matter and do it to every extent. Some people exclude their deaf friends from their parties because they have to run for extra accommodations. Do not think about it, only consider your friends. Disabled people are more especial from the normal people and they are also created by God. The different, behave makes them feel inferior and they get hopeless. You have to make them feel like a normal individual. And live a normal life.


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