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by M Tandoh | 1:47 pm

We all know mums can be protective when it comes to our children, no matter race, financial status or  disability. Being deaf mute or blind mum can be challenging without the right devices.

The six sense of parent

Our innate sense being Site, Hearing, Speech, Smell, Touch and the build-in Instinct would be perfect but don’t need to be perfect, all they want is to give love to their children unconditionally with what they got and be able to protect. We can’t have everything but we can benefit from aids and devices to improve our daily life specially when you got a child, you want to hear when the wake up, you want to make them laugh, sing to them, comfort them and many more.

Deafness can affect speech therefore someone who can not hear can be mute. Having hearing device can save speech, but with the new technology everything is possible. We got devices to help with speech as well.

Real Independence

Being stress free is not possible in real life but being able to enjoy the basic all by ourself with devices made specially to assist us.

Most people with loss of hearing feel the positive impact on their social life and relationships when they start using hearing aids. Also, the family of the person using the assistive device found their relationships improve. A person with hearing loss often feel lonely unable to keep up with the conversation. People with hearing aid become more outgoing, and feel free. Using hearing device not only impact the person, but people around them.The quality of life become better once a relative start using assisting device.

When you’re able to listen to music, to participate in conversations, go out, hear your children, family or people clearly, both your personal and work life benefit. There is nothing precious than that.


Deaf parent who use devices like:                                                                                          Doorbell light, Phone ringer light, Fire alarm light, Baby monitor vibrator, Alarm clock vibrator, are likely to live their life more independently and with improved confidence.

This world is surrounded by noise everywhere we go. We got warning sounds like smoke alarms and sirens are noises that need to be heard for emergencies and safety.

Being able to hear on-coming traffic, horns and car sounds are very important. I give the example of Vassery a young boy who was hit by a car on the side of the road because he could not hear the sound. It’s important to be able to hear safety sounds because it’s impossible to see everything.

There are three different ways where deafness can impact on a person :

Low education and job opportunities due to the communication.

Social isolation because of communication difficulty with others and reduced access to services.

Low self-esteem and confidence due to emotional problems.

Stay Connected with The new world

Thanks to modern technology, there are many products out there that can help you to overcome the difficulties of hearing loss. While some will help you to hear more clearly, others will help to keep you safe and connected to the outside world.                                                                  There are different types of hearing aids on the market to suit lifestyle and severity of hearing.


“A process of meaningful interaction among human beings. More specifically, it is the process by which meanings are perceived and understandings are reached among human beings.” According to McFarland.

For me communication is the essence of life.The main issue is found around people not recognising their condition and therefore are reluctant for help.





I enjoyed reading this article. This is a neat topic to cover because of the group (deaf, mute, and blind) and the disadvantages they go through daily.
I was able to relate well because I have family and people at my job who have similar disabilities. I’ll keep this information in mind.

Nov 17.2019 | 05:59 pm


Good article review, Indeed the ear devices are a big YES. They increase confidence and self esteem boost. For parents who are deaf, mute and blind the devices are real a third helping hand. I like the way you lay-out your writings. The content is good and readable, easy to understand.
This is very informative and educational.

Nov 17.2019 | 06:13 pm


Great article on such an important topic. I worked with a woman who was completely deaf. I learned a new appreciation for those that can’t hear. We worked for our state’s rehabilitation services, so I became aware of many disabilities I had not considered beforehand.

Nov 17.2019 | 09:09 pm

Thabo Khoza

Great article

It is indeed true that deaf people need these devices as the world basic ally operates with them and also these devices will make their lives even easier as if they had all their senses.

Nov 26.2019 | 06:33 am


I learn a lot from reading your article. It is amazing that I take advantage of things that I have. This post made appreciate more about what I have in life. Technology is amazing to use specially to those who use to connect with people.

Nov 26.2019 | 03:07 pm


Seven months ago I thought that I was having problems with my hearing. So, I went and got a hearing test. Found out that it wasn’t me. My hearing is perfect.

Reading your article made me realize that I’m lucky to have good hearing. And we take advantage of the situation. I know now that it must be devastating not to hear our child. I’m so glad they have equipments to help the deaf.

Nov 27.2019 | 01:30 pm

    M Tandoh

    Thank you Kelyee,i grow up watching one off my brother suffering for been deaf.I dont wish any body to go thru that.I guess today it easier then twenty years.We are lucky.

    Nov 27.2019 | 08:49 pm

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